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Business Plan Outline

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The business plan is the most important document in order to present your business to investors

The business plan should start with an Executive Summary which is the key summary of the Business Plan.

Investors expect to see the following key sections covered in the Business plan:


  • The Company
  • The Product/Service offered
  • The Market for this product/service
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • The Management team
  • Financial Analysis
  • Risk Analysis

To read more about the business plan go here

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Choose the right financial option for your business

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The type of finance you choose will depend on what kind of business you are starting, how much money you need and what you will use it for.

Many people use their own savings or personal borrowings to fund the business.
This may be the only choice if you can't convince anyone else to lend you money or invest in the business

Family or friends might back you.
However you should carefully consider the risk that they could lose their money if your business fails

You might qualify for a grant
- for example, if you are setting up a business in a deprived area. If your business is setting up in a deprived area, or in a sector that is not normally catered for by mainstream lenders, you might be able to attract finance from a community development finance institution. Alternatively you might be able to attract support from other businesses in your peer group.

If you have a credible business plan, you may be able to borrow from a bank. 
Many businesses use overdrafts for day-to-day borrowing and loans to finance large purchases such as equipment. If your business is likely to have peaks and troughs in its cashflow, it's essential to be able to clearly illustrate these to your bank so you can plan an overdraft

A larger business with good prospects might attract outside investors.
For example, 'business angels' typically invest £10,000 or more in exchange for a share in the business.  This type of funding requires an excellent and realistic business plan detailing how fundings will be used and a realistic financial forecast. Our investors can provide fundings for businesses ranging from £0.5m to £500m

Most businesses use a mixture of finance sources. For example, you might invest your own money in market research, bring in outside investors to share the risk and borrow from the bank to purchase equipment and machinery.

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Securing Equity Finance: Preparation

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Once you have decided to seek equity finance, you'll need a comprehensive business plan incorporating a detailed marketing plan and realistic financial projections. Consider the following issues:

how much funding you need and 
what exactly the funding is for 
how much control you're hoping to retain and 
the skills the business needs 
how long you need the funds for 

Any potential investor will be looking for a number of core issues in your business plan:

What are your funding needs? 
Are your plans for the business realistic? 
Is your venture appropriate for external investment? 

Your business plan should seek to address these issues, and you should tailor the information you provide according to the investor you're approaching. The plan should include a series of detailed financial forecasts, what you intend to do with the funding, how you'll repay the investor, your management's level of expertise and what the investor can expect in return.

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Choose the right finance when starting up

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Every new business needs money when starting up.

The majority of businesses will need to buy equipment, establish the workplace and meet marketing costs - all before the first sale is made. Then once you're trading, you'll need cash to pay the bills and keep the business going.

There are a range of financing options when starting up and choosing the right ones for your needs is essential.

You can:

  • Use your own money,
  • Borrow from banks, family and friends or
  • Attract outside investors
  • Grants and government support may also be available.

Most businesses use a combination of these alternatives, according to their specific needs and circumstances.

This guide (soon to be released) looks at how to work out how much money you need, the best financing options for your business and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Video: What the Business Plan Expert Knows

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Dave Lavinsky, co-founder of business plan developer Growthink, has helped write over 1,000 business plans. He describes common misconceptions and what potential investors want to see

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Business Education & Mentoring - Elevator Pitch

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In an elevator pitch you have two-four minutes to describe your business. Are you ready for what you want to say, and does your pitch interest angel investors or venture capitalists. (See Video below)

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26th November 2007 - deadline for next issue

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The final issue for 2007 will come out in 3 week

If you have any interesting deals / projects / companies that need fundings feel free to send me an email to [email protected]

To be considered for this issue we will need all material by November 26th.


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