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Choose the right financial option for your business

Posted by privateequityinvestments on October 18, 2009 at 8:53 PM
The type of finance you choose will depend on what kind of business you are starting, how much money you need and what you will use it for.

Many people use their own savings or personal borrowings to fund the business.
This may be the only choice if you can't convince anyone else to lend you money or invest in the business

Family or friends might back you.
However you should carefully consider the risk that they could lose their money if your business fails

You might qualify for a grant
- for example, if you are setting up a business in a deprived area. If your business is setting up in a deprived area, or in a sector that is not normally catered for by mainstream lenders, you might be able to attract finance from a community development finance institution. Alternatively you might be able to attract support from other businesses in your peer group.

If you have a credible business plan, you may be able to borrow from a bank. 
Many businesses use overdrafts for day-to-day borrowing and loans to finance large purchases such as equipment. If your business is likely to have peaks and troughs in its cashflow, it's essential to be able to clearly illustrate these to your bank so you can plan an overdraft

A larger business with good prospects might attract outside investors.
For example, 'business angels' typically invest £10,000 or more in exchange for a share in the business.  This type of funding requires an excellent and realistic business plan detailing how fundings will be used and a realistic financial forecast. Our investors can provide fundings for businesses ranging from £0.5m to £500m

Most businesses use a mixture of finance sources. For example, you might invest your own money in market research, bring in outside investors to share the risk and borrow from the bank to purchase equipment and machinery.

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